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Eric Byers

Eric Byers is a West Coast Swing dance instructor/competitor/student/fanatic from the Midwest. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Eric teaches classes at Estereo Night Club. Eric mixes a fresh blend of rhythm and connection to create a very unique dance style. He has received brief dance training in many genres of dance from ballroom to Latin. Eric, however found his passion for dance journeying through college prerequisites and stumbling upon West Coast Swing. Since 2009, Eric began to compete, study, and teach West Coast Swing and fell in love with the culture. He is the back to back NASDE All-Star Jack & Jill tour winner for 2016 & 2017 and is known around the world for his distinct attention to music and rhythmic footwork.


Eric’s journey through dance began years back with a multitude of dance styles. He is not only an instructor, but he is a student, a fanatic, and a lover of many dance genres. Eric has had brief training in Hip Hop, Latin, and Ballroom, in which he infuses the connection, the rhythms, and the movements into his Swing. In 2009, he began to compete, learn, study, and teach WCS based out of the Swing Cat student organization, located on the IUPUI college campus.

Eric’s teaching style is very much like his dance: natural, fun, and intuitive. He creates an atmosphere that allows students to be comfortable letting loose and having fun in a relaxed learning environment. His teaching has heavy focus on connection within the dance and the conversation that happens within the music between two partners. As he continues to study the world of dance, Eric hopes to spread his love of West Coast Swing to the world.


The evolution of West Coast Swing has allowed dancers to freely, creatively, and uniquely express themselves while still enhancing the connection on the dance floor. The growth and this evolving conversation between two people made it so much easier for Eric to fall in love with WCS.  He has a reputation of dancing with any and every one as well as making each dance fun, creative, and unique.

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