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West Coast Swing dance classes -workshops, private classes & more

Indy’s Finest is the pulse of West Coast Swing in Indianapolis. Eric Byers offers a safe and fun atmosphere for dancers to come have fun, be creative, and express themselves on the dance floor. Our Indy dance community is known for making ANY person who walks through those doors feel like family. With open arms and a room full of fun, our DANCE FAMILY helps create a great learning atmosphere for beginners to the most advanced dancer. Come join us for an amazing night of dancing. 


Estereo Night Club (6378 E 82nd St) is home to Indy’s Finest Weekly Dance Class on Wednesday nights. There is a beginner class for those new to this dance or for those who want to brush up on their basics that begins at 7pm. There is an advanced concepts class at the same time, which focuses on building on the foundations of this dance in more advanced techniques and the feel and connection of WCS. It's not for only advanced dancers, it's for dancers who want to advance their dance.  After the lessons, there are hours of open dancing which gives everyone the chance to practice what they’ve learned, socialize with the rest of the dance family, or just enjoy the moment on the dance floor; far from any cares in the world. Wednesday night's cost is $15 that includes both the lesson and the dance.


West Coast Swing is a partner dance that allows you to be creative in ways that are unique to each individual person. Danced to music ranging from Top 40 hits, Blues, R&B, Country, Rock, and anything with a good beat, WCS opens the door for dancers to create a hybrid of dance styles into their swing. Check out our videos page to see some examples of great dancing to great music. 

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